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Citrine Point

Citrine Point

Citrine :: Joy + Abundance + Confidence + Motivation


Citrine is light, fizzy and happy.  It works in a manner wherein you find your happiness first, then wealth and abundance naturally flows. It has a potent vibrational frequency that interacts with your energy field to radiate your intentions into the universe, transforming your dreams into reality.  It raises your vibration to magnetize you to abundance, success, and all things good. Its radiant energy fills your spirit with positivity and the highest vibrations. You will experience a surge of joy and optimism, encouraging you to live life fully and open up to new beginnings and new pursuits. 


Citrine frequencies are some of the most powerful for increasing self confidence, motivation and perseverance -- all necessary to accomplish your goals. Considered the merchant's stone, it is one of the best stones for acquiring wealth and more importantly, one of the best stones for maintaining it.  This stone also encourages generosity, gifting you with the joy of prospering yourself as you prosper others. 


Weight: 577g

Height: 13cm


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