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Amethyst Angel

Amethyst Angel

Amethyst  :: Spirituality + Creativity + Prosperity + Tranquility + Weight Loss + Detoxification


Trust in the high-frequency vibrations of these stunningly saturated crystals as they purify and heal your aura opening you up to spiritual direction, strengthened creativity and prosperity. Highly prized historically, amethyst was a stone worth as much as diamond. It was a widespread symbol of luxury; its rich history encompasses this jewel being embedded in crowns, sceptres and rings worn by royalty and prominent religious figures.   These days this vibrant grape jelly hued crystal is sought after for its versatility, as it can deliver innumerable benefits making it a truly powerful ally in awakening the intuitive part of your being. 


Amethyst is the ideal stone to bring about your spiritual wakefulness -- it stills your mind and brings about enhanced meditative states. The high-frequency vibrations from this purple stone purify your aura and create a protective shield of light that surrounds you as you access spiritual direction.  With this guidance, you experience an expanded higher mind that increases your wisdom, creativity and psychic abilities.


Known as the great problem solver of the crystal world, this stone helps you assimilate new ideas, especially where original results are required from methods of the past.  It transforms your thoughts into action so projects reach fruition sooner. A stone of focus and success, it’s been touted as “the stone” for artists, composers, inventors, poets, painters, healers, psychics and merchants among others.


 It’s versatile properties also includes the ability to calm and soothe, relieve stress, cure insomnia, balance hormones, promote weight loss, and detoxify.  Truly an ally for transformation! 


Chakra activation :: third eye, crown, etheric


Affirmation ::  I am intuitive, divinely guided and inspired with creativity


Item Details ::  Weight: 98g, Height: 7.6cm. As it is made from natural crystals there will be naturally occurring variations and imperfections. Our crystals are cleansed by hovering over smoke of burnt sage and energized with reiki crystal grid.


Care ::  In order to sustain its magic, cleanse + energize + program regularly


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